Well we are finally back online. As some of you know the program we used for our site was prone to hacker attacks, and we have had our share of them. 

So we are not using that program any more and have had to re-developing the site as we go along. To achieve this, we need your help. We are re-adding our resource and web links, but are checking to make sure each is an active and good link. Also one of the most important areas is our Missing Person database. If you are involved in a ,missing person situation, please use us to help make people aware.

We are also in the process of adding a database program similar to our missing person database so all resources can add a listing. This will be searchable by many different elements and will help people looking for assistance to be able to locate a team in their area. If you are a member of a SAR team, please go to our resource list and see if your team's information is listed. If not please help by adding it. 

Also if you are aware of an upcoming event, or have some news about SAR or missing persons, use the calendar or news areas to tell us and others about your news.

Our Members Are


Our members care, they show compassion in all situations


Our members are winners. They achieve what they strive for


Our members are truly devoted to completing all situations


Our members strive.to learn and always be at the top of their game

All visitors to our site are welcome.  We don't ask anyone to join or sign up for anything.  You are encouraged to sign up so you can register your information with us.  In addition we do have four memberships.  First is a private membership for members of SARA.  This membership has to be authorized by a member of our staff. If you are a member of SARA email us to be added.

We also offer two memberships for members of the SAR and the missing person communities.  If you are involved in either one, sign up for one of these memberships so we will know of your involvement.  Both are free.

Our other membership is our Supporters Membership. This is simply if you like what you see here and wish to help us keep running, then join this membership.  All funds collected though this are used 100% to either keep our site up and running or support other organizations and incidents.  Again nobody has to join any of our memberships.  You can just visit, you can register as a user, or list under one of the memberships.