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10 Jun 2014

SARA is proud to introduce our new site design.  In addition  we now offer many new features.  No matter what we don't ask anyone to join or sign up for anything.  However we do encourage everyone to sign up so you can register your information with us.  This gives you a name and identity here on our site.  Any time you post in our forums or do anything it is linked to your account.  

In addition to just registering, we do have four memberships categories.  First we have a private membership for members of SARA.  This membership has to be authorized by a member of our staff, so if you are a member of SARA  email us your user name and real name to be added.

We also offer two memberships for members of the SAR and the missing person communities.  If you are involved in either one, sign up for one of these memberships so we will know of your involvement.  Both of these are free.

Our other membership is our Supporters Membership. This is simply if you like what you see here and wish to help us keep running, then join this membership.  All funds collected though this are used 100% to either keep our site up and running or support other organizations and incidents.  

Again remember nobody has to join any of our memberships.  You can just visit, you can register as a user, or list under one of the memberships.

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